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At Kearsarge Aviation, All of Our Aircraft Are Expertly Maintained and Cared For With Maximum Safety and Usage In Mind.

Cessna 172F


Considered by most experts to be the finest training aircraft, this model has sold more units than any other general aircraft in the United States.. Most commercial airline pilots started in an aircraft just like this one. All of our current members started in this aircraft or one of a similar model.

Most pilots use this type of aircraft for their initial licensure. There are several pilots on the field hat continue to fly aircraft similar to this model years beyond their training.

Cessna 182Q


With a cruise speed of 165mph and a useful load of 1,000 pounds, this aircraft is the standard of most general aviators. There is comfortable room for four passengers and baggage. trips from CAK to the East coast and into the Carolinas are well within the capacity of its 5 hours of onboard fuel.

Avionics have been updated and this aircraft is certified for flight into instrument conditions.

A roomy comfortable interior is meticulously detailed an maintained so that it stays looking great and in good shape for years to come.

All planes are inspected before and after each flight to make sure everything is in working order, all beacons are lit and the planes are ready for flight.

State-of-the-art instrument panels and navigational equipment fill the cabin for monitoring your altitude, wind speed, fuel and other vital information during flight.

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